7 Quick Takes, Vol. 72


1. I have a new blog I want you to visit: http://www.kellehampton.com/. She just gave birth to her second daughter, who has Down syndrome, and reading her posts is like hearing someone say everything I ever thought, only more beautifully…and punctuated with heart-stopping pictures, to boot. If you follow no other link I have ever posted, you simply must treat yourself to this one. She just announced that CNN has contacted them to run a story on them.

2. It has not been a particularly productive week. Mostly because I’ve been moaning and groaning with intermittent nausea, and caring for kids who are moaning and groaning with nausea. Stomach virus. Ick. I’ve been flirting with it for a week; it reached its peak on Wednesday afternoon.

3. Thankfully, it reached its peak AFTER I was able to pack up my bike, leave the kids with someone else, and ride four miles out to nowhere on the trail, where I laid down on the grass beside the wetlands and took a nap and listened to geese fighting with each other (thankfully, they worked out their issues and shut up).

4. And this reminds me of something I noticed that day. Why is that people go out to nature with ear buds stuck in their ears? I mean, why bother going out at all, if you’re going to carry the noise with you? I challenge all you i-pod-toting technophiles…leave it in the car. Enjoy the absence of distraction for an hour. It may be terrifying at first, but give it a chance. You’ll be glad you did.

5. Last week at the grocery store, the couple ahead of me placed a cardboard-encased pizza on the belt. Now, I don’t buy frozen pizza (except the occasional Shakespeare’s), so I hope you’ll forgive me for being clueless. The pizza box proclaimed in enormous letters, “MADE WITH 100% REAL CHEESE!” Huh? Do I even want to know what OTHER kind of cheese you might use?

6. So yesterday, the morning news shows warned us that women on med’s for osteoporosis may actually be more prone to breaking bones–which means they should definitely go talk to their doctors RIGHT NOW. Now, two years ago they told us that the Pill may increase the chance of heart attacks–and the most common comment on the morning news programs  was, “But this is no cause for panic…it doesn’t mean you should quit taking the Pill!” Come on, people. Really. It’s not like the Pill is actually treating a medical condition, the way osteoporosis med’s are. What is the deal with the Pill? It’s absolutely untouchable, no matter what people find out about it! (Disclaimer: yes, I know some people take the Pill for medical conditions. Please don’t yell at me. I’m talking about the primary purpose of the Pill, which is to shut off the reproductive system, and the reproductive system is not a “medical condition,” it’s a normal, healthy, functioning part of the body.)

7. And speaking of reproductive health…file this one in the What The *&^#???? category: http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/us/2010/03/10/dnt.ky.surprise.baby.wlex?hpt=T2