Nicholas, Day 364

Well, baby boy, here you are, on the cusp of a year. 365 days ago, I was waddling rushing around the house trying to get two children packed for a few days at Grandma and Grandpa’s, and two adults packed for a few days in the hospital. 365 days ago, we still hadn’t decided what your name was.

 That very night, your daddy went to the hospital. By the next morning, this was you:

Within two days, you had your own groupies. We came home to sick children—and utter chaos. And for the last year, as you grow, chaos has remained the rule of law in our house. But baby boy, have no fear. You hold your own. Throwing sippy cups and dropping food, with an eye on me to see if I’m paying attention…examining everything that can be filed (movies, CDs, books, Tupperware lids) and endlessly testing gravity…trying hard to keep up with your big brother and your big sister…rest assured, you make your mark on the world, little man.

Besides, you are the reason we get to have cake ONE TIME during Lent every year!