7 quick takes, Vol. 74



1. Not so long ago, there was a stink about breastfed babies not getting enough vitamin D, and how they needed supplementation. Turns out that formula fed babies are missing it, too. About halfway down this article comes this little nugget: “Although it takes just 10 to 15 minutes of sun exposure for the body to produce a day’s worth of vitamin D, the AAP discourages sun exposure for infants younger than 6 months, and advises the use of sunscreen after that.” 

2. Obviously we’re all too stupid to know how to do things in moderation, and obviously it’s better to pay money for artificial supplements that you can control, than to live life as God created us–interacting with His world! This goes back to my whole post about being dissociated from nature…but I’m beginning to get on a soapbox, and that’s not a good thing. 

3. Update on Lenten promises: I am through my Stat-checking detox, and glorying in the associated freedom. I’ve actually gotten a couple of accidental peeks in the last few days–truly accidental–and been able to say, hmm, interesting. I’ve been pondering how hold on to my newfound liberty after Easter, and have come to the conclusion that stats need to be checked at most once a day, at the end of the day, and probably not even that often. It will be easy to slip into old habits, but I am committed to the effort. 

4. It’s been really rewarding to watch Alex this Lent, too. We allowed him to make the sweets exception for school birthday celebrations, but they do lots of sweets at other times, too. Last Wednesday, Alex got in the van and said, “Mommy, we did an Easter egg hunt today at Bible time. Everybody else had M&Ms in their eggs, but I had goldfish.” Knowing that Alex does not like goldfish, my heart broke for my poor 4 3/4 year old, who has had to give up so very much during Lent. He had this forlorn note in his voice when he told me. It warms a mommy’s heart to see a child embrace his little cross–to see that the foundation truly is being laid for future growth. Oh, how I love my firstborn. 

5. I’ve seen quite a number of pieces on the health care legislation this week, analysis and trying to paw through the massive thing. Mostly I’m interested because those of us at PEP-C are trying to figure out if the federal government did our job for us. In any case, here’s a “mythbusters” piece that I saw. I’m not pushing a POV; just presenting the piece without comment. I know that emotions have run high on this issue, and we’ve discussed health care on this blog before, so I wanted to share. 

6. Christian sent me this piece, which, although it is one more piece on the differences between men and women, strikes me as very worth reading, or at least skimming. Turns out that different areas of the brain are different sizes in men than in women. Particularly the “feeling” versus “lust” parts of the brain. So all of us who practice NFP and its periodic abstinence have one more reason to appreciate our husbands. 

7. Finally, since we’re talking about Alex today: last week he decided not only to draw letters with pencils and markers, but to build them in Lego. I’m bursting with pride and amazement at his newfound skills, so pardon while I show off: 

"B"--for Basi