A Matter of Balance


Am I first a wife, a mother, or a writer?

Like most “either/or” questions, the answer is “yes.” I do not accept that being a mother must take something away from being a wife. Nor do I believe that writing must be done at the expense of my family obligations. Throughout the ages, people have done great things without sacrificing their families. Of course, many others have done great things at the expense of their familial relationships. But that is why I spend so much time seeking balance. Not in a mystical, Zen kind of way, but in a deeply practical, “rubber hits the road” kind of way.

I don’t spend much bandwidth on the topic of writing, because most of those who read what I write aren’t really interested in the process—only the results.

Besides, being a wife and mother shapes my work. It limits the time I can spend and provides me with boundless material—hence, “so much to say, so little time.”

Writers are neurotic about seeking advice (more on that later this week), and equally happy to shell out our two cents. But I would rather add my voice to the multitudes of mothers, and in so doing, accomplish two tasks in one: record my life and connect with you, my wonderful readers. (It’s all about multitasking, folks.)


13 thoughts on “A Matter of Balance

  1. So nice to meet another woman in search of balance between mothering and writing. I can see that your child is young. Mine are older teens and, let me assure you, it gets easier to find that balance as they grow up a little. Still, I love spending time with my children and on them. They make my life full and my pen flow!

  2. Hopping over from Robin’s blog. It’s nice to meet you! The balance can be difficult, but I agree with you that it can be achieved without causing your family to sacrifice.

  3. Hopping by from Robin’s blog. I just started on the journey of balancing home, work & family (my daughter is 20 months) but I do know what a huge challenge it is. Always awesome to get to meet so many incredible moms that are holding it all together 🙂

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