Waving Goodbye

There’s a moment every day that I love. It comes in the freshness of the new day, on the tail end of the morning rush, after rousing and diapering and brushing and eating, when we hear the bus lumber around the bend and we rush outside to meet it, Julianna a little ball of excitement, shrieking with glee at the sight. It comes as Nicholas sits in the open doorway watching Alex and I put her on the bus and then hop off and stand outside waving.

It comes as Julianna looks out the window and grins so wide that you can hardly believe her face can hold it, and waves back.

It comes as the bus pulls off and Alex runs beside it, waving goodbye—as I stand in the driveway, waving too, and she keeps us in her sight until the bus rounds the corner.

Ahhhhhh…life is good.

Seven Clown Circus 

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