Kate’s Rules of Parenting


1. Sleeping through the night is a myth.

2. If you don’t have the camera in hand and fired up, forget it. You missed it.

3. If she takes the glasses off and throws them on the floor, someone WILL step on them.

4. Mom’s role at mealtime is cook, waitress, and servant. So it has been in ages past, so it is now, so it ever shall be, world without end, amen.

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=waitress&iid=4890319″ src=”0/7/1/d/Catering_Staff_35c0.jpg?adImageId=12742302&imageId=4890319″ width=”380″ height=”303″ /]

5. Whatever can go wrong, might…but sometimes you get lucky.

6. But if you get lucky, don’t get cocky…it’s just luck.

7. The needier the adult, the less willing the child.

8. You can fit five people on a twin bed, but only if you stack them.

9. You will never outrun the laundry pile. Accept it and move on.

10. There is nothing sweeter than sibling hugs.

 (Except maybe baby kisses.)

Okay, folks…what have I left out? What are YOUR universal laws of parenthood?

(This post is linked to SteadyMom’s 30-Minute Blog Challenge.)

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7 thoughts on “Kate’s Rules of Parenting

  1. Molly

    If you need to arrive somewhere on time, plan to leave 30 minutes earlier than necessary. After at least three trips back into the house for forgotten items, a last minute dirty diaper, and a pair of lost shoes, you might actually get there only five minutes late!

  2. umm… the sleep part? never gets better, because once they are sleeping through the night, activities, work, stress, worry, etc keep you up! 😛

    love your post… and that last photo is fantastic (the ice cream dripping on the leg, a close second!) 😉

    thanks for visiting today~

  3. Finally got my 18mo daughter to sleep through the night, just in time for my 3x/nightly prenatal trips to the bathroom. Sleeping through the night *is* a myth.

    (found you at Steady Mom)

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