Spring is…


Spring is…

…a trip to the state Capitol…

(This picture was taken at the top of the Capitol dome, just below the statue and columns.)

Spring is…


(notice Alex’s right leg, and hand and arm…)

Spring is…

...playing catch in the back yard with Daddy after dinner

Spring is…

...a purple Pooh shirt and lunchbox handbag

Spring is teeball on a Monday night.


First batter of the (2-inning) game

First baseman--he actually got a kid out, which made the coaches all look at each other and say, "Uh, are we going to call outs?"

Ah, life is delicious.

Seven Clown Circus

12 thoughts on “Spring is…

  1. I just can’t get enough of spring this year!!

    Thanks for your wise and encouraging words about writing and publishing on my blog today — it meant a lot to me! We’re in it together, sister!

  2. just popping in and catching up…haven’t been blog surfing much lately, too much afoot right now.

    Love the caption of the last picture…remember those days when our kids were that age and playing baseball. Too cute, up one side and down the other, too cute!

    Best wishes on the bed wetting…cannot be fun. This too shall pass, hang in there. πŸ™‚

  3. What a fun post with fantastic pictures!!
    Have a Fabulous Thursday!!!

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