7 Quick Takes, the (mostly) link-a-doo version


Yes, I’ve got a lot of links today. But they’re awesome!

1. My kids are famous lately. Julianna and her PT got a writeup in the school of health professions’ magazine, (see pages 21-22), and the county electric coop did a writeup on a local farm, which Alex’s preschool class happened to be visiting on field trip. On page 2, he’s the one with the overall strap falling off his shoulder. On page 3–can’t miss him. What’s up with that face???

2. If you’re a mother of little girls, check out Hairbows For Life. I long to have a daughter I can gussy up. Someone please confirm what my head tries to reassure me–that even a typically-developing sweetie would pull hair bows out and hurl them everywhere?

4. Last night, while visiting blogs, I stumbled upon a site called “The Customer Is Not Always Right.” As a person who spent eight years working in the service industry under the motto The Customer Is Always Right, I couldn’t resist clicking. Absolutely hilarious! Please check it out. I promise it’s short.

5. Last night, I read this short blog entry from 5 Minutes for Special Needs. This was me last Mother’s Day, while Julianna was in the PICU. Except I was feeling a lot sorrier for myself than this woman.

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=music+notes&iid=259252″ src=”0255/27d24a18-c4e0-4a9d-b774-220a3963eac0.jpg?adImageId=12846976&imageId=259252″ width=”500″ height=”354″ /]

5. I am pumped! I “finished” (***) a new song this week. Not the one I was trying to finish, mind you, but a song nonetheless. And in keeping with my current year-round focus on all things Advent/Christmas (my book is due out in the next month!), it is a song for Epiphany.
(***Note: The word “finished” is an arbirtrary one. In this case, it means I have a melody and a text, which may or may not get tweaked while I play the song several dozen times on piano, keyboard and Finale, trying out different accompaniments and choral parts and instrumental obbligatos. This is my favorite part of the composition process.***)

6. …

Mmmmmmmmmm......do I *have* to share?

7. Finally, considering Alex’s recent birthday party, I just want to share this gem from Legoland Chicago:

I am the Dark Knight. Do NOT mess with me!

Have a great weekend!


8 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes, the (mostly) link-a-doo version

  1. My almost two year old, Juliana, has never once left a bow in her hair. Her big sisters were even less tolerant of hair stuff. They all pulled everything out. I don’t know who these babies are who leave that sort of thing alone.

    Yum. Strawberries. I haven’t wanted to share our harvest either.

  2. Congratulations on finishing a new song! That’s wonderful. Love the photos, too… this made me miss participating in 7 Quick Takes!

    Hugs to you, my friend!


  3. I shared the magazine link in #1 with three folks – two friends with sons w/autism spectrum disorder as well as my 15yo dd that is looking at careers with young children

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