7 Quick Takes, the Nicholas Edition

Every so often, I just have to write a Journal entry…because life is more than my own eloquence. Sometimes life is what the munchkins are achieving!


1. As I’ve said before, Nicholas is not a hurried child. Sometimes I have to wonder if that’s because I take a much more live-and-let-live approach to parenting him. When Alex was a baby, he got a lot more time with me sitting on the floor, teaching him to discern shapes and colors. He got a lot more concentrated “a sheep says baa, a cow says moo” time. After all, five years ago I had only one kid, and I wasn’t freelancing.

2. But I don’t really worry about this… parenting Julianna  has taught me that it’s going to happen sooner or later, and the fact that Nicholas does not have to battle his own genetics in order to learn takes away my sense of urgency. Shuts down the panic button on his behalf. After all, his big sister is still not talking. She’s barely imitating.

 3. On to the list of milestones…in the last week, Nicholas has learned to get over the lip of the bed/staircase safely and slide down on his tummy. His newfound independence is liberating for all of us, but it does mean that I no longer can count on finding him on the same level of the house where I left him.

4. This also means we have gotten away with not “baby-proofing” our second house, aside from a couple of electric plug covers (questionable in value, since most of the plugs are uncovered). I know this is heresy to most parents and ALL the parenting advice, but I mean really, have you ever tried to deal with those stupid plug covers? You practically have to have a pliers to get them out of the wall, and how safe is that? Shock yourself instead of the kid! No, we believe in keeping the kids close and teaching them to stay out of the dangerous areas.

5. Onward and upward. The really exciting news this week is that Nicholas has begun to let go—and even take a step or two independently. (At fourteen months, it’s about time!) I always thought kids learned to stand, then walk…but Nicholas is a believer in package deals, apparently. 🙂

6. He’s also developing his individuality—his personality, as it were. I’m enjoying watching him finally begin to bond with Daddy—he is such a Mama’s boy…I thought Alex took the cake on that, but holy cow, Nicholas wins hands down!…and you all know how heart-stopping it is to see the man you love, loving his children. Nicholas is doing some rudimentary signing, and he’s beginning to have preferences. Random things, like…he won’t eat unless he’s sitting in a regular chair. (Hahaha, I despise the high chair. I won’t eat a bite unless you put me in a chair so I can REALLY make a mess! BWAHAHAHAHA!) Two nights ago, I discovered that I could make one silly face/sound and send him into uncontrolled belly giggles. Oh, you can just imagine what an idiot I am making of myself the last two days!

Don't you just adore how babies play peekaboo? They think they're hiding, but they've GOT to keep an eye on you while they do it! 🙂

7. Speaking of individuality/personality…he asks to have his teeth brushed. ?????? I know—enjoy it while it lasts!

Have a great weekend!