Monday Morning…


Due to some programming uncertainties, I begin this a.m. with some (fairly) unadorned pictures. Hope you enjoy!

Enjoying Alex's noon teeball game on Saturday

Ready for the big time?

Later that afternoon, we went to my parents’ farm to celebrate my dad’s birthday–and have a portrait session. When you take pictures outside on a farm, you can’t help but get gorgeous shots. Enjoy!

My dad and Christian, enjoying the shade of a big silver maple


Sometimes the expressions aren't particularly beautiful, but they sure are cute!

Finally, my dad took this lovely picture of Julianna and I , which will appear in A Special Mother is Born, an anthology forthcoming from WestBow Press, along with my essay Not My Plan:



9 thoughts on “Monday Morning…

  1. Sarah M.

    Once again, she takes my breath away! Gorgeous photos and an awesome essay that made me cry! I’m going to print it out and share with my family.

  2. So nice! I love the first pic of Julianna (did I get that right?)! It doesn’t matter if the expression is picture printing worthy, as long as they are enjoying themselves. I’ve got plenty of funny looking pics of my kids. 🙂

  3. How precious that the LORD is leading you along in your journey of motherhood. You express yourself beautifully in your writing. May HE give you many opportunities to be a blessing to others! What a beautiful family you have…I think the picture of you with your Julianna is wonderful! 🙂


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