7 Quick Takes, vol. 85

1. Feast or famine, that’s the title for this week. Last week I was feeling burned out and unmotivated. This week, I’m, uh, still feeling a little overwhelmed, but at the same time I’ve been SWAMPED with writing work. For example:

2. I’M GOING TO BE ON National Public Radio TODAY! On the first of June I just “happened” to be in the car when they just “happened” to mention they were looking for listeners’ stories about memorable summer jobs. I can do that, I thought, and that night while Alex played T-ball, I pounded out 400 words, then revised and submitted them the next day. I didn’t hold my breath—this is a national market after all—but lo and behold, on Tuesday afternoon I got an email from a producer at NPR named Melissa—a lovely lady who walked me through the whole process. Talk about a shot in the arm for someone feeling rundown on writing. Listen to All Things Considered this afternoon! I don’t have an exact time yet, but I’ll post on FB and Twitter later.

3. I have quotes around the word “happened” above because this kind of stuff just doesn’t “happen” to happen. This piece morphed into a reflection on my dad, and believe it or not, the Father’s Day connection didn’t even occur to me until I was on the phone with Melissa at NPR. As an editor friend of mine likes to say: “That wacky paraclete!”

4. Speaking of cake decorating (okay, we weren’t, I’m changing subjects), I made the mistake of leaving my work bag on the kitchen floor. And the next day, when I went looking for my instruction book, it was missing. A whole-house search ensued, which turned up nothing, but the next day I realized what else was missing from that bag: Namely, everything. Apparently one of my darling non-verbal children emptied it of extra icing and Tupperware of cornstarch, and stashed them somewhere. But it’s been a week, and I STILL don’t know where!!!

5. I haven’t shared links with you in a while. Ann Voskamp has been asking all of us to share on the subject of marriage (which as you know, I talk about fairly regularly 🙂 ). But this week, her post really spoke to me. It reminded me of many of my own insecurities early-on. Check it out!

6. Alex went to Vacation Bible School last week and came home less resistant to all things church. What do you know? I have no idea how long it will last, but he behaved less sulky than usual at church, and he’s been asking to pray his new Rosary every night. So now I’m holding my breath for Kindergarten, when he starts going to Mass with his peers…maybe they can get him to sing at church!

7. Lastly, it’s Father’s Day this weekend, and if you’re just joining me from Seven Quick Takes, please go read this post and think about what you can do for your husbands on Father’s Day. (And your fathers, but we tend to appreciate our dads more than our husbands sometimes!)