7 Quick Takes, Extreme Makeover Edition

Oh, if only I had the guts (and the money!) to redesign my wardrobe…

1. I would choose flowing waters…
Blue Crinkle Blouse SmallRibboned Bark Skirt Small

2. and forest streams…
Forest Finery Top Small

3. I would glory in flirty, flowing feminine…
Blue Lagoon Dress Small

4. …and play dress-up make-believe Medieval.
Cross-Ribboned Top X Small

5. And don’t forget the jewelry!

Angel Wing Necklace

Flashdance Spiral Earrings

6. But it takes a certain personality to pull off these cool clothes, a personality that’s a little too flamboyant for this plain-Jane, down-to-earth Busy Woman.

Legacy Brocaded Coat Medium

Corinth Steampunk Dress X Small

Black and Red Reversible Cape

7. And so, for the moment, I will remain Just Kate.

But when I finish bearing and nursing babies…Watch Out, World!

All clothes courtesy of The Pyramid Collection: Myth, Magick, Fantasy & Romance.


This feels totally lame, but I’ve entered Julianna in Parents Magazine’s Cover Model contest. Why? Because I’m a mother who lives through her children? Hardly. I put her in it because people with special needs are the incredible invisible segment of our society, and people need to see how beautiful they are. Vote for her at this link by clicking “I like this”!