Sunday Snippets–A Catholic Carnival

It’s been quite a while since I participated in Sunday Snippets…nice to be back! This week I have reflections to share on seeking stillnessprayer, and the abuse of prayer , and on renewing marriage.

And as a bonus, let me plug my daughter. 🙂

Parents Magazine is holding a contest for cover models for their magazine. And it occured to me that there is a sad lack of children with special needs put in prominent places, which contributes to the stigma of being “different,” and the barreiers that keep people from seeing the beauty in our children. 

So I uploaded pictures. Now I need people to “vote” for Julianna. Click on this link: and click the “I like this” button. There are four pictures in the album to choose from. 

Join us over at Sunday Snippets to see what other people have had on their minds this week!