7 Quick Takes, vol. 88

Takes 1-3: Wardrobe Malfunctions

1. On Wednesday morning, we actually got going in plenty of time to get Julianna to her language preschool. Until Alex discovered he was missing a shoe. Not his shoes. A shoe. We turned the house upside down, but we could not find that shoe. Knowing that my two non-verbal children could easily have hidden it (like the cornstarch and the icing from my cake class), I gritted my teeth and attempted not to shout at him as he got his hated yellow Crocs on and went out to the van. We now had eight minutes to make a fifteen minute drive. And in the van, Alex discovered…his shoe.


2. We got Julianna to school and I rushed her inside. As I patted her bottom to get her moving into the classroom, I noticed a cute little butt crack showing. Uh oh, I thought, her diaper’s slipped. And so I reached down to pull it (and her skort) up. And discovered…you guessed it. No diaper. She was wearing her cute polka dotted skirt, and no diaper. Can we all say, What the….?

3. Then Wednesday night I went shopping for a new swimsuit, my old one being stretched out from nursing the last two children. More proof, as if I needed it, that clothing designers definitely do not make clothes with me in mind! When it was all over I came home with a size 14 top and a size 10 skirt, and Christian nearly choked when I told him it cost $47…and that regular price was $75!

Takes 4-7: The Virtue of a Virus (or: an illustration of our status as total techno lllllooosers!)

4. Last week, our computer freaked out and we had to send it to the omputer wizards, who took about twelve viruses off of it and loaded new malware onto it.  We brought it home expecting good things, but didn’t really notice a difference in processing/interface speed.  Then last night, up popped the message again, in the middle of nothing at all–as in, I wasn’t even working at the time; I came over to the computer to find the message: “Cannot open file (gibberish).exe. File is infected.”

5. Christian set the software to work. It found 7 more infected files, which for some reason the computer seemed reluctant to delete. Once he finally got rid of them, he realized why: We no longer had internet access. (Sigh.)

6. Two hours and a long call to Century Tel later, Christian got the internet up and running again. And in the process, he and the customer service guy had a discussion about whichlights were and were not lit on our DSL box, and why the shortcut to connect to the web wasn’t working. The guy said, “What do you mean? This is DSL. You don’t need to dial up.”

The long an the short of it? After THREE YEARS of paying for DSL service, we finally have it! Our jaws hit the floor when we started surfing the web, and saw the difference in speed.

7. The moral of the story? Sometimes a virus is a VERY GOOD THING. The pathetic part of the story? That we’ve lived here three years with what amounts to dialup on steroids, and we LIKED IT because it was so much faster than what we had before!!!!