Because of a Virus

Because of a faceless, anonymous jerk somewhere out in the e-universe, our computer caught a virus this week.

Because of a computer virus, my husband had to take our computer in to work, where the gurus could do their magic.

Because my husband took the computer to work, I had no access to my files.

Because I had no access to my files (but I did have a babysitter), I had to flounder about for a writing project to work on.

Because I was floundering for productivity, I rode out to a park and sat down with paper and pen (gasp!) and began outlining notes for a new novel, built on the foundation of the old—a project I’ve been procrastinating for months under the guise of nonfiction goals.

Because I actually got started on planning the novel, I found myself in the heart-pounding, keep-me-up-at-night excited stage of infatuation with my project.

Which is a thrilling place to be.

228) For the convergence of Hackers, viruses and babysitters.
229) For inSpiration…again.
230) For a terrific query class
231) For great reinforcement from said class
232) For the discovery that the novel I thought had to be completely rewritten is actually quite good…beginning on page 200…
233) For being so excited about rewriting said novel that I can’t sleep
234) For working DSL
235) For lots of blog hits
236) For five days of exercise last week
237) For clouds lined up like celestial trumpets in the west

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