Death by Chocolate (and Peanut Butter)

Ann Voskamp has us thinking about rest this week. But in my reflections on the subject, I realized…I haven’t been. And as I lie awake at night, wound up and wishing it was morning so I could write…as I wake up 3 and 4 times through the night and have trouble getting back to sleep (only half of them related to kids who need me)…as the house gets in unacceptable messiness…I realize:
I’m out of balance again. And so for me, rest today means NOT blogging long and eloquent on the subject, but accepting something simpler and making time for stillness. I can’t do it in nature today, not with preschool transport and two rambunctious boys…but I can rest by rediscovering balance. By taking a day to be mom first, and writer distant second. And so today I simply share a story of Death By Chocolate (and peanut butter):

Chocolate cake (w/buttermilk); PB icing (w/2 sticks of butter & a cup of cream). As one of our student's parents cried last night, "That must be like a thousand calories! WHY did you do it????"




21 thoughts on “Death by Chocolate (and Peanut Butter)

  1. Hi, Kathleen! I am Ralph and Anna Wanamaker’s daughter-in-law, married to Scot.

    Anna sent me your blog a few weeks ago and I just love it! You’re a talented writer. If it were socially acceptable I would eat every dessert the way your daughter does!! Priceless!!!

  2. SO loved today’s post, Kathleen! Enjoy resting in that balance…and it touches my heart that you would go to all that trouble of making such a beautiful and sinfully delicious cake for your family. That’s balance! Love the picture of your daughter after she’s enjoyed hers!

  3. The cake looks extremely tasty. Right up my alley. And that’s exactly how my daughter would enjoy it. Afterall, what’s chocolate for if not for getting all over the place and staining our clothes?

  4. I know what you mean – we are having a quiet day today in the hope of regaining some balance.

    I have never heard of peanut butter icing before!!! I LOVE the ‘after’ shot!

  5. Go Mom! We don’t get the time back with our kids, we can always write. Being on the brink of being an empty nester, I know… Often I must remember that God comes first, vocation second, everything else (if there is still energy) third…

    saying a prayer for your day, Sis 🙂

    • 🙂

      As for balance–it’s not like I’m going to find it and keep it, but I have to keep working at it…the stakes are too high not to, n’est-ce pas?

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