Young Love: A School Bus Motherhood Moment


Motherhood Moments

It’s taken two weeks to gather the photographic evidence and the permission to share, but I hope you’ll agree it’s worth the wait. Quite possibly my favorite Motherhood Moment Ever.

They’re buddies at school, two adorably sweet children who speak the same language, a language without words. This summer, they’ve ridden the school bus to and from school every day side by side. And one day…this.

Every morning, they giggle on the way to school.

Every afternoon, she sleeps, he keeps watch.

Oh, sweetness. Sweetness indeed.

Mamarazzi Mondayyoucapture 4-1

18 thoughts on “Young Love: A School Bus Motherhood Moment

  1. Renee G

    Awwwww… they are so sweet at this age. I remember when my now almost 19yo used to get on the bus to go to speech class….

  2. Tamara Copple

    I love it. Reminds me of the day Noah casually mentioned one of his classmates had kissed him when the teacher wasn’t looking.

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