7 Quick Takes, vol. 91

1. I got a speeding ticket last night. (Yes, Kelley, on the way home from your house.) It was actually really unfair–not b/c I wasn’t speeding (I’m sure I was; I thought I was following traffic, but it was at the bottom of a very long hill, and a Chrysler Town & Country carries a lot of momentum), but because I’d just spent five miles on the interstate being passed by everyone because I was going at or under the speed limit. Sigh.

2. The officer was really nice about it, but Alex was weeping in the back seat, because he remembered us saying that if a policeman pulls you over you have to pay a big fine, and he’d just been asking for new toys. Money, the use of and planning of, are daily topics in our house now that he’s old enough for “I want _____!” And Christian used this as a teachable moment. He talked to Alex about how we plan very carefully and use our money very carefully so that we can do fun things, but also so that when something bad happens (like a hospital stay, or a speeding ticket), we are able to take care of it without worrying.

3. I’m beginning to recognize the process of aging on my body. Aside from the single stringy gray strand that curls off the top of my head, I feel it in my feet. As in, my left arch burning and aching all day yesterday after running. My running shoes are disgracefully old, but I’ve been delaying buying new ones (see #2). For weeks my arches have burned while I’m running, but it always went away when I took the running shoes off. Not yesterday. Which means that in addition to a speeding ticket, I also have to squeeze new shoes out of my budget. Oh well. Life goes on.

4. My favorite post of the week comes from Simcha, who offers smart-alec answers to people who say stupid things when you have a “large” (meaning “more than two-child”) family. This is on my mind this week as we agonize about when to try for #4. We change our mind daily.

5. Call this one news of the weird. (Really weird.) Nettle Cave, an Australian tourist attraction, is going to offer tours in Klingon. Yes, I said Klingon.

6. I also owe a couple of programming corrections. My post on health care earlier this week generated a lot of comments…here, on FB, emails–even a phone call from my mom. 🙂 Gerti alerted me that I had my dates wrong. Though adults with pre-existing conditions have to wait till 2014, kids are covered when plans renew after September 23rd.

7. I also received an email from a gentleman who shared this study of the link between prenatal diagnosis and abortions in Europe. This is actually just the abstract; the upshot of it is anywhere the government supports prenatal testing, there is a higher # of abortions for children with special needs diagnoses. This buzz goes to show that in the big picture, the issue of health care is far too complex to have a black or white, good/bad kind of analysis. Nonetheless, I maintain that sitting around doing nothing because the issue is too big is simply not a moral option. There’s no way it’s ever going to be perfect, but we can tweak it as we go–as a certain Congressman Chris Smith is trying to do on the issue of taxpayer funding for abortion.

Whew…it’s been a Kate-on-a-rampage kind of week. Time for a nice, no-drama weekend!