7 Quick Takes, vol. 93


The Mostly-Funny Moments Edition

1. Alex, at dinner, poking at his plate, sighs dramatically: “Mommy, I’m going to marry C___.”

Me: “Okay, but finish your corn first.” At the far end of the table, Christian explodes into laughter.

2. My pretty new clothes arrived in the mail yesterday! If you look at the referenced post, I bought #s 1 and 2. They are very high-maintenance to clean (i.e. hand wash), but boy are they pretty!

3. Countdown to Kindergarten (as of writing, not posting time): 5 days, 1 hour, 20 minutes. Not that I’m counting. Actually, we’re really enjoying the last few days of summer vacation. Nothing like a deadline to motivate the acquisition of structure. Yesterday we had a play date…this morning we’re going to the spray park…Monday is paddleboat day with Alex…Tuesday we have to get the oil changed, so we’re staying home, but having a sitter over so I can work.

4. I would just like to share this video. This is us every night. This is why I sleep on the couch a lot.

5. Video du jour #2: Click here and tell me…please…ARE THEY SERIOUS about this??????

6. On a related note, did you know that you can actually PLAY Oregon Trail online? Talk about a blast from the past!

7. Apparently I received a promotion this week. A big one. At least, according to Microsoft Word. 🙂 Yesterday I received a FB email from a friend who is an editor at WLP. It was titled, “God is in the autocorrect,” and it read:

MS Word’s auto-fill just put the following into the Act of Contrition:
Our Savior Jesus Christian and Kate Basi suffered and died for us.
(I’m thinking this one might NOT be the Holy Spirit!)

Happy Weekend, all!

4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes, vol. 93

  1. Love your new pretty clothes — sometimes high-maintenance is worth it!

    I am counting down till school starts, too. I feel guilty saying that. But summer has been, well, loooooong.

    We are taking the kids to the water park today — last-minute fun, too!

  2. Jenny

    The Oregon trail video is hilarious. I had a hard time containing my laughter so as not to wake the sleeping baby beside me.

    Also, the Bert and Ernie scene happens here nightly only it is my husband who can’t sleep because of every little sound but me moving to the guest room halfway thru the night.

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