Seven Quick Takes

1. We took the kids to the annual “Tiger Walk” on Sunday evening. Every time I go, I have more fun. This year was especially fun because Julianna showed us a new facet of her personality, one we didn’t expect. Only those of you who know Mizzou will know what I’m talking about, and only those who were in Marching Mizzou with me or know all my pet peeves can really appreciate how difficult it is fo rme to admit the following:

My daughter wants to be a GG. Now, if that doesn’t mean anything to you…here’s a hint. A big one:

(Photo from the Columbia Missourian, at last year’s walk)

Julianna spent the M2 concert watching the pom-poms and trying to figure out how to move her hips and feet at the same time. Mostly, it looked like her little butt bopping back and forth. It was just about the funniest, and most adorable, thing I’ve seen in quite some time. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the camera with us, so I can’t prove it.

2. All prejudices aside, however, the GG’s were really sweet to her afterward. Although she has taken to being hostile shy around strangers lately, she didn’t hesitate to take the pom-pom they offered her to play with!

3. I’ve been thinking lately about the way some people who were middling students in the traditional sense can go back and absolutely excel later on. I was never a middling student, but I detested chemistry and physics and math. I struggled, I stressed, for those good grades. And come college, I breathed a sigh of relief that I didn’t have to do any math or science anymore. But eighteen years out, I’m researching winemaking for a novel. I look through the chemistry questions that UC-Davis asks its V&E students, and I frown. I think I used to know what all those terms meant. And suddenly I think I’d find a chemistry class absolutely fascinating. I think that instead of panicking and stressing over it, I would relish the difficulty of wrestling it into terms I can understand. After all, I had to get familiar with traumatic brain injuries for my last novel.

4. Remember how I said every month there was one redeeming thing in O Magazine? Here it is for this month: “Don’t Go Changin’: A Few Things We Love Just The Way They Are,” by Henry Alford. Unfortunately, the funny stuff doesn’t start till about the bottom of the first page.

5. You know that creepy crawly sense of shame? The one that wakes you up in the middle of the night and overwhelms reason with nasty, smouldering putrefecation? Yeah. That one. Have you ever noticed that that sensation hardly ever comes calling because you did something wrong? It’s almost always because somebody disagreed with you about something you hold dear, and their disapproval rakes across your spirit like poisoned fingernails on a  chalkboard, leaving a festering, smarting awareness behind. Or because you did something stupid, like back into your babysitter’s (dad’s) car on the way out of the driveway. Not that I’m confessing, or anything.

6. Have you ever noticed that when you wear sunglasses, you can see depth in the sky much better? All the levels of celestial hierarchy open up, from low-hanging, heavy cumulus clouds to medium fluffers, to the icy wisps of cirrus at the edge of space. I love it, and I get frustrated by my limitations. I want to play hopscotch from one level of Heaven to the next. Alex and I have a date for a trip to the moon someday, but it’s too far away. (The date, I mean, not the moon. Well, that too. 🙂 )

The Man on the Moon. Or at least, at the Adler Planetarium (May 2010)

7. My favorite post of the week comes from Elizabeth Esther. It’s about snuggling. Read. Laugh. Enough said.

Bonus: Speaking of laughing…watch this video. 1980s, someone’s finally got your number! (Warning: there are a few questionable words/phrases in this video…consider yourself warned.)