It’s been almost a year now since the moment I heard music peeking out from between the notes of a noodly warmup. It electrified my body, as a new melody always does, and with a hasty apology to my poor voice student, I hummed it out two or three times so I wouldn’t lose it before I had a chance to scribble it down.

I wrote the refrain within a couple of days, and then got stuck. Every so often, I’d return to it, banging on the wall of cliché’d ideas and trite truisms. I wrote a book about Advent. Several articles. Finished a novel. Began querying. Wrote another song, top to bottom. Started a new novel, a new book for Lent.

Then, yesterday afternoon, I went downstairs to revise a Mass setting at the request of the parishes who want to keep using it after the changes come down the pike next fall…and finally, the wall crumbled.

A finished song, ready to be put in the computer, ready to go winging out into the world to be sung, to be approved of or rejected. Enough to make a day worthwhile all by itself.

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