7 Quick Takes


I’ve heard about this one before, but I’ve never seen it on a video. A HS football player with Down’s, who gets to score a touchdown. This is a terrific 45-second video that will make you smile.


Here’s the blog post it came from; read it or don’t, I don’t care; it was really the picture I wanted to share: a mother, apparently an elected official in Italy, who’s brought her newborn with her to work.


File:Trumpet 1.jpgOnly the child of wedding musicians would go around the house humming “Trumpet Voluntary.” And then get excited because he hears Daddy playing “Jupiter” from the Planets downstairs. And sing the Mass of Light “Alleluia” as he brushes his teeth. Why doesn’t this kid open his mouth at church, again?


Simcha Fisher wrote a post this week that speaks for me 100%. And I’m sure she speaks for pretty much every one of my mommy readers, too. This woman’s amazing.


If dreaming about a lost baby means that you’re neglecting a goal or project that’s important to you, then what does it mean when you dream that you have the lead in Fiddler On the Roof, and it’s time to get to the theater for the performance but you realize you have never cracked the book open for the last act?


I started an online class on writing synopses this week. And it’s slightly less scary than I thought. Hopefully soon I’ll be writing more query letters.


And hopefully soon I’ll get over my freaking out and start writing the next novel, instead of researching to keep from having to start writing. I don’t know where to begin, you see; that opening is the most important part and I know if I get it wrong, I’ll be correcting the manuscript for months years to come. But the good Lord’s been whispering in my ear that I’m not going to find the path till I strike off through the woods. Maybe I’ll hit it for NaNO Month

Have a great weekend, folks!