The Weekend In Gratitude

You know how you take the weekends and you cram them full of stuff, expecting to accomplish a ton, only to end the weekend in frustration because virtually nothing got done?

This should have been one of those weekends…but it wasn’t.

There was Beauty and the  Beast on our friends’ front lawn, with popcorn and a deep dark sky full of stars, and Julianna sitting on Daddy’s lap mesmerized and screaming with delight at the movie, and Nicholas flinging himself backward in my arms to point at the darkened, twinkling sky.

Saturday was Suburbia Meets the Farm, which can only full be shared in pictures:

Julianna, as I expected, took to the tractor like oil to water. When it cam roaring toward us, she attached herself to my neck so tightly that I actually had to pry her loose so I could breathe. Hugs from my girl are not nearly frequent enough, so scared or no, that was its own little blessing.

And then there were the boys, trekking off to learn about field corn with Grandma…

And at last the combine came roaring up to dump its load and pick up small riders.

It was a busy day, far too busy for us to spend the proper amount of time to properly appreciate the smell of harvest, that half-sweet tang of yellow grains mixing with the slow smell of fermenting stalks. Far too busy to sit beneath the maple tree back at the house and enjoy the cool shade and the soft quiet of wind whispering in the maple leaves. But while we were occupied with roaring monsters and grandparents, Christian played golf in the quiet and got his best score ever.

And then we drove back home to have hot dogs and s’mores cooked in the fire pit, and a backyard campout adventure for the big boys. I sat and scrapbooked on Saturday night at our big desk, listening to the rise and fall of their voices below the window as Alex interrogated Christian on something or another.

And then on Sunday, it was NFP class and making Alex’s family page for school and a family photo shoot and novels group.

Not a perfect weekend. There were arguments and kids misbehaving and all the usual, but on the whole, a good weekend. And on the days when the irritations and frustrations seem most troublesome, that’s the most important time to be grateful.

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