An Open Letter


Dear Ms. Carnahan and Mr. Blunt,

I will not be voting for either of you this November. You have both lost my vote with your attack ads full of half-truths, distorted truths, and untruths. If you cannot treat each other with a respect based on your opponent’s dignity as a human being, you cannot possibly treat anyone with respect in the U. S. Senate. You demean each other, you insult the intelligence of the entire electorate by trying to manipulate us with twisted facts taken out of context, and in so doing, you belittle yourselves. America deserves better than this.


Kathleen Basi

(And yes, I am going to send it. Anyone want to join me?)

5 thoughts on “An Open Letter

  1. lisa

    GREAT letter!!! I could not agree more!!!! Sometimes I think they all think that the American people are a bunch of idiots, who can’t think for themselves.

  2. Jean Nicklas

    I agree too, but with one exception: if those of us who are aware enough to NOT believe what we hear just on TV, and instead do our own research to find the truth and vote for whomever we believe is the better candidate, choose NOT to vote, the election is then left to the people who DO believe and vote based on what they hear in the ads. Sadly, they run the ads because a shocking number of people are bamboozled by them and vote accordingly.

  3. I think it’s great that you’re sending this letter! After I read your previous post, I was hoping you would make sure to let the candidates know why you were sitting it out. The mud-slinging really is appalling.

  4. I can’t listen to any of these politicians because everything out of their mouths is utter deception. Too bad we didn’t run a better candidate in Missouri. I feel the same way about Blunt and Carnahan that you do.

    I am going to vote, however, because I am looking beyond this election to the composition of the coming congress. If I don’t vote and a democrat (party of death) gets elected, it will be one more vote for the people who despise the dignity of every human when congress convenes.

    If I help the lesser of two evils get elected, I see that pressure may be brought to bear by the more ethical (contradiction in terms for a politician?) people to prevent some votes that can be harmful to all. That’s the best that I can do and it doesn’t mean I support the candidate I vote for. Pretty awful when you think about it, really.

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