Top Ten Things Heard Around the Basi House

You know that pig in the Geico commercial, that says “wee wee wee wee” all the way home? And the mom that looks like she’s about to start spewing ash and lava?


#10. “Alex, why are you standing naked in front of the window?”

#9. “Nicholas, stop putting your cereal (peas, chicken, bananas) in your milk!”

#8. “Ding-le-dells, ding-le-dells, ding-le dall da day! Doh dut dun dit dis do dide…” insert your favorite song) (usually followed by Christian yelling, “Alex, say it right!”)

#7. “Julianna, NOW where are your glasses?”

#6. “Oh, you are so stinking cute!” (This could be either me or Alex.)

#5. “Julianna, stop touching your brother!”

#4. <Frantic grunts with arms crossed across chest, and an expression indicating imminent death by spontaneous combustion if  adult does not put on a Signing Times video  RIGHT NOW. Usually followed by, “No, you already watched a video today!”>

#3. “Julianna, get back here right now!” (Followed, inevitably, by giggling and running. In the opposite direction.)

#2. “Alex, put the crayons away and turn off the light.”

“Hmph! Fine! Then I’m NEVER coloring again! EVER!!” (Um, I’m sorry to break it to you, honey, but you’re punishing yourself, not us.)

#1. “Nicholas, where’s the mouse pad?

One of these days, in all the chaos, I’m going to lose it altogether:

Flip top head: that’s me. (Don’t roll your eyes. You know you all feel the same way. 🙂 )