7 Quick Takes, vol. 103


I hardly ever click on anything in the Facebook sidebar, but this one caught my eye:  “What’s the point of Girls? Challenge one father’s goal for what he’s trying to raise his father to become by clicking here.”  Uh-oh, I thought.

But I was wrong. His post is stellar, and although at first I thought, “I wish I had a daughter this applied to,” I realized almost immediately that it’s even more applicable to Julianna than to her typically-developing peers. Check it out.


You know it’s campaign season when you find yourself witnessing the worst of human behavior from people you don’t even know. Here’s  an excerpt from a series of emails I got this week:

Oh, come on, people.  Really?  You are going to vote against a law that will reduce the number of breeding animals in a puppy mill from thousands to 50?  Please, think about this. 

 The HSUS sponsored Prop B was passed in California and now they pay $7.00 for a dozen eggs. The HSUS doesn’t care about puppies! They only want to turn the human race into vegitarians. They have stated they would rather see the human race die off so the other species could have the earth. I say let them lead by example. The left has always tried to use compasion as a lever to get their agenda passed. Do your research on the proposal’s sponsors and find out for yourself.

$7 for a dozen eggs in CA?  I Googled “Price of one dozen eggs in CA” and immediately found this:


Please look at response number 8, dated August, 2010.  Eggs in CA are a whopping $2.50.

As for your ludicrous portrayal of the HSUS…poppycock.  Please include the source of this rumor in your next email, I’d love to see it. 

And please, Mr. ——, use your spell check.  It’s hard to take your email seriously if you won’t even bother to present your ideas in a literate manner.


When I start getting emails like these, I just want to retreat from social media. C’mon, people. No wonder the candidates treat each other the way they do, if this is what they see from their constituents!


Well, there are happier subjects to address. I’ve been meaning to make note of it for two weeks: Nicholas has taken his first baby step out of TwinLand and ahead of his big sister. He can now repeat Mama, Dada, Wawa, Gege, Yiyi, Nana and Vava at will, on command. He’s also made progress on the toilet in the last week, for what that’s worth. But Julianna’s starting to show signs of a difference in the way she thinks & communicates, too. Christian brought home a new Signing Times video from the library, and she keeps coming up to me and signing Daddy–baby. Baby being code for her videos. After a while I realized she was asking for the Daddy Signing Times video. Ain’t that just too cute?


It’s another sleepy morning. I stayed up to finish reading Catching Fire. If you haven’t heard of this latest YA book craze, it’s time to go to the library and put your name on the waiting list. Suzanne Collins makes me despair of being able to write a well-plotted, compelling book. She’s got it down, man. When was the last time I read a book between sunup and sundown? Oh, yeah. Six weeks ago, when I read The Hunger Games.


I’ve been hard at work this week, clearing out writing projects and trying to outline in bits & pieces, in preparation for NaNoWriMo, which for those who are unfamiliar is a really stupid, hard-to-write-and-say abbreviation for National Novel Writing Month. Let me tell you, I am feeling intimidated. I know all the back stories for my characters, all the things that have to happen to them, but the thought of figuring out what events it takes to get them there, and have those events actually draw people in…I don’t know, from this side of November 1st, that just seems more than a little overwhelming!


But I’m sure once I get started writing, things will begin to flow. There’s only so much you can do in prep, and then you just have to plunge in. And I warn you, I have quite a few writing blog topics in mind.

Have a great Halloween!

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