Little Graces

It’s been a weekend (and a week) of little graces, none of which lend themselves to lengthy prose, so I’ll just list them here today.

…a 4-year-old friend, whose display of bicycle prowess led Alex to ask us if he could drop the training wheels…

…and ask Daddy to let go

…a Friday night date with my firstborn: ice cream and the percussion ensemble, where one of the performers showed such enthusiasm and obvious joy in his playing that it carried me along for the ride

…a busy weekend selling books at church

…singing the psalm

…followed by an evening of horseplay and pajama hugs, unnaturally extended by that stupid temporal tradition called “falling back.”

…a beautiful, shirt-sleeves Sunday afternoon, rounded out by play time in the cul de sac with Grandma and Grandpa

…and, wrapping up the weekend, the chance to go to a concert with my husband on Sunday night.

Small things, all, but they fill the heart on a Monday morning of what promises to be yet another crazy week.