Ordinary Beauty

It seems like I’m always looking for one moment each week that stands out, trying out and discarding so many that pierce me with their beauty, but which simply can’t be made to look profound or earth-shattering or anything other than exactly what they are: mundane, ordinary moments. And so this week, I dedicate my motherhood moment to the ordinary things:

…My own personal Superman running toward me in the setting sun

…Playing peekaboo with Nicholas around the front of the pews after choir practice

…Julianna putting a choke-hold on my neck when an emergency siren sounds (honey, didn’t you get the memo? You’re supposed to have HYPOtonia…as in weak muscles!)

…The moment when Nicholas coos, “Ga-ga-ga-ga” from the back seat, and Christian and I simultaneously interrupt our conversation to coo back,”Ga-ga-ga-ga!” in perfect unison

…The way my children react to the power of suggestion: All I have to do is say, “tickle tickle!” and they’re primed for adorable giggling.

…Watching Alex’s reading and writing skills take off

…Playing “I’m gonna get you” with the little ones (I’m not sure if this is their favorite game, or mine)

…Seeing Julianna begin to take interest in all kinds of things that she never noticed before: wanting to be picked up to watch when I cook, peering into the microwave, pushing buttons on the TV

…Letting go of Alex’s bicycle and watching him circle the cul de sac for three minutes without mishap

…The nonchalant way Nicholas just shows off a skill he’s never been shown (I call this tuning into the cosmic radio wave)—a moment I didn’t truly appreciate until I’d experienced a child who must be taught everything, painstakingly, and with difficulty

What ordinary moments have made your world beautiful lately?

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