7 Quick Takes, 105

Christmas in the post-War United States
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So…Christmas gifts. We are not terribly fancy people, and I don’t believe in buying a gazillion toys, b/c they’re already scatterbrained and unfocused with the toys we have. And last year, we got stuff for Julianna, which she has now ignored for 11 months in favor of reading books and listening to music. And Nicholas has just discovered how much he adores all of Big Brother’s old toys. He needs nothing. What should we get these two for Christmas? Any ideas?


I’d really like to know how Simcha does it. I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s simply a lot funnier than me. As are all of her readers. Take the time to read this one, folks–and all the comments. Christian and I learned what awaits us when we have more than one verbal child–and some absolutely friggin’ hilarious coping strategies!


Those of you who see us live & in person may not be quite so interested in this, but for those who are interested you can actually see Julianna in motion (wow! A VIDEO? We MUST be famous now! 🙂 ). She is not the star of the video; that honor goes to her little blond classmate–but you can see Julianna in the red shirt.


This novel-in-a-month business is kicking my derriere. But it’s exhilerating. I’m finally getting into a groove. Okay, now that I have that off my chest…moving on.


Nicholas is unbelievably cute. Those big brown eyes slay me every day. Even when he’s being bad! (Like throwing graham crackers on the floor, like he just did.)


How is it that women who pick their kids up from school, almost to a person, look so snazzy, even when they’re wearing sweats? And why do I always look so dumpy and slobby? Was there some class in “how to present yourself” that I missed when I was running around climbing trees and jumping off hay bales? (Um…did I just answer my own question?)


I’m so proud of Alex. He had a spat with a playmate the other day, and came to us deeply disturbed by something said playmate had said about another of his friends. Christian had a talk with him and helped him develop a “script” to use in talking to the playmate. Today, Alex went straight to the child and said how he felt, calmly and coherently, and told him not to do it again. I wanted to ask, “How did you do that with no apparent anxiety about confrontation???????” But aside from the fact that he would have no idea what I was talking about, I knew that that is not a good question for a parent to ask a five year old!

BONUS TAKE (because we all know I have so much to say…):

It has now been a year since our last hospitalization with Julianna–and eighteen months since her last major (read that life-threatening) one. Even though it seems a little like tempting fate to mark this milestone, I think it would be ungrateful not to!

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