Me Around the Web

Advent is almost upon us. When I told Alex that in two Sundays, Advent would be here, his body electrified. Seriously. Snapped up straight, eyebrows shooting up, mouth snapped closed…It made me realize that my Advent calendar list isn’t quite ready yet. Time to get a move on!

For the past two weeks, I’ve done almost nothing except sign books, give interviews and write blog posts about Advent. This morning, in fact, I’m on KFRU at 8:25 (central). For those who are visiting from WFMW, or for occasional readers who have somehow managed to miss my obsession with all things Advent in the last two years, I offer two links of Kate-around-the-web to explain the phenomenon.

Today, I am posting over at Catholic Mothers Online–but if you’re not Catholic, don’t worry. Advent Reclamation is 95% non-denominational–the sense that Advent and Christmas frequently don’t live up to their potential is, I truly believe, a universal frustration among Christians. (As of my early-morning writing time, the CMO post is not yet up, so in case you’re reading early, here’s an alternative explanation from from our first year’s Advent Reclamation Project.)

I also gave an author interview to Ruth C. at This, That and the Other Thing. RAnn, as she calls herself online, reviews books (and she’s great at it, by the way. No pious platitudes from this woman; she tells it like it is).

Hope you’ll join me around the web!