Motherhood Moments in Pictures

One thing about Advent activities: it translates to a lot of “moments” with your children. Moments like feeding goats, camels, and a wildebeest (I kid you not):

Moments like watching my son ride a camel:

Or how about getting to share a brand new baby cousin with them?

Then there are the ubiquitous pictures with Santa…

(Incidentally, Alex’s visit to Santa required a massive rethinking of our finished Christmas shopping. Harumph!)

And as the other kids explored the model train and build-a-bear and remote control cars and shooting galleries all around Santa, Julianna (characteristically) just wanted to walk. Right back to Santa, who got half a dozen cute, giggly waves out of her before the night was over.

How about you? Do you have any motherhood (or fatherhood) moments to share today?