7 Quick Takes, vol. 113

Whew! It’s been a very intense week around this blog, going through our infertility story, so I owe you some very shallow, non-taxing, and most importantly QUICK quick takes!


, via Wikimedia Commons”]We’ve been reading a book called Sky Boys to Alex, which is about the building of the Empire State Building. Alex wanted to know if it was real, so we went online to look at pictures of the building, and in t he process I found this story about the day, late in WW2, when a plane flew into the Empire State Building. I’d never heard this, and I thought it was incredibly interesting.


This week we had Julianna’s yearly IEP meeting. It was pretty funny to see the common tag her team tacked on to 75% of her goals: “at teacher’s prompting.” Apparently she can identify colors and shapes, wash her hands and hang her coat and backpack–if she feels like it. Most of her educational goals for the next year of preschool involve her doing as she’s told! 🙂


I never know these days what I’m going to find when I sit down at the computer after an absence of an hour (or ten minutes). Particularly when I’ve heard little fingers playing with the keyboard, I tend to come running. One of these days a child is going to send a stream of gibberish to an agent or an editor. I’m absolutely sure of it.


Speaking of…two nights ago I came out to the computer after doing dishes to find that the navigation bar and start menu had been mysteriously translocated to a VERTICAL bar to the right of the screen.  I grr’ed at Nicholas until–ready for this?–Alex came over and said, “I was scrolling down and that just happened.”

“WHY were you messing with it?” I demanded.

“I don’t know, I wanted to see what it looked like!” he said.


As long as I’m on this roll…More than once, I’ve discovered it on a “full-screen” mode, whereby all navigation menus have VANISHED, including the X that used to close the open program. One time, I found the monitor picture turned 90 degrees. This leads me to two burning questions: How do they do this stuff???? and more importantly, Why in the name of all that is holy are these options even THERE????


But in justice, I must confess that not all computer screwups are my kids’ fault. Two days ago, I received my editor’s comments on the first draft of my Lent book, and I opened them up and started reading through them. I saved her document, and I started revising, and I saved the revised document. Well, yesterday I opened Word and discovered that neither document was on the drop-down “recent documents” list. Which led to a search of increasing panic, ending in the horrifying realization that I had saved them in the temporary files. And after a panicked call to my Facebook friends, I was forced to admit that I had lost all of yesterday’s work.


Well, on a more pleasant subject, one of our former choir members, who left to join the Dominicans, is back in town this weekend to preach at Newman. So we get to have him over for dinner on Sunday, along with my parents, who are coming in to celebrate Julianna’s 4th birthday early. We have a very busy Saturday planned and I don’t know how I’m going to get a cake done. I think I’ll have to do it today, actually, and freeze it. The littles will be happy about that–they love to mix (and lick fingers)…