7 Quick Takes, vol. 119



First out of the box: I am writing a short magazine feature on marital communication and natural family planning. I’d love to have some quotes from some of you NFPers out there on how you think NFP has helped, hurt, or otherwise affected your spousal communication. Email me at kathleenbasi@gmail.com, or just leave a comment!


For reasons I won’t go into, I’ve been thinking about texts for liturgical music lately. There are “horizontal” texts and “vertical” texts. Horizontal focuses on our relationship as community of believers, although there remains an implicit (and sometimes overt) vertical dimenion. The other is simply directed upward, pure praise and worship. (Now that’s interesting. I didn’t set out to use a term associated with praise bands. Vertical texts generally are associated with traditional hymnody, which is what I meant. But the juxtaposition indicates that the various schools of thought aren’t as far apart as they think they are! Hmmmm.)

Anyway, I’ve been thinking that the objections to horizontal texts (the “we” songs: They’ll Know We Are Christians, We Remember, etc.), or on texts that focus on me and my response to God’s call, don’t really hold up. Faith isn’t lived in some cerebral, vertical vacuum. It’s lived out in a messy world. God doesn’t force us to follow him; he offers the choice to live a holy life. How is it inappropriate to sing “I will choose Christ”? Worship is focused on God, yes, but implicit in any worship of God is our response. After all, God doesn’t need us to worship him. Our worship doesn’t make God greater. But it does change us.  If what we do on Sunday doesn’t affect the way we interact with each other the rest of the week, then we’ve missed the point altogether. And horizontal music makes those connections for us. So…in summary, both vertical and horizontal are important.


The third trimester of my last pregnancy was awful. It got to the point where I couldn’t support my weight on my legs; I walked around the mall one day leaning on the stroller. Finally I realized that it was the result of two C-sections; my core muscles were just weak, and I’d never done anything to strengthen them. So the last year or so, I’ve been doing Pilates and situps and stretches. But that problem in my right thigh reared its ugly head again lately. My massage therapist tells me it’s a result of pelvic tilt. So I decided to do stretches and see if I could ease the pain. So far, it’s helping. Not perfect, but it’s helping. I’m also thinking about posture more.


Here’s one of those things that a mother “treasures in her heart.” A few days ago, I went out to get Julianna off the bus, and the bus driver–incidentally a woman who loves her job so much that she wears T shirts that are all about being a bus driver, and (even cooler) a bus driver for special kids–shook her head and said to me, “You know your little girl just charms everyone she meets?” Sniff, sniff!


I’m attending my first writing conference in a few weeks, and so I’m trying to put together a novel pitch. Intimidating, and exciting. I realize I know exactly how to pitch certain of my works–the Advent book and my first novel, for example–but not all of them. I know all the elements, however, and so it’s a matter of arranging them in a pithy sentence or four. And I take comfort remembering that my first novel pitch I played around with for about ten years. 🙂


Chicken Soup for the Soul: New MomsI spy, with my little eye… …. … At the grocery store last week, I saw a whole rack of these babies in front of the pharmacy. It was totally awesome to see something with my writing in it featured–without my having to lift one finger to put it there! Anybody need a gift for a new mom? 🙂


The sun has cleared the horizon in a gorgeous liquid orange-yellow, throwing a fuzzy glow across the wall opposite me, and my daughter is scooting down the stairs in her jammies and her diaper, which means it’s porbably too late for the toilet. Time to say:

Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes, vol. 119

  1. The one about the bus driver is so sweet!

    I also have a special kiddo and he charms everyone with his politeness and sincerity. He used to go to a school that had around 1,000 students. And more than a few times, different staff members commented about how he had to be the most polite child in the whole school. 🙂

  2. Please dish the details about your NFP article! I would love to read it when it comes out. And as for NFP and marital communication, we talked in-depth about a lot of things (ahem) we would NOT have discussed otherwise. I would say this allowed my husband to be much more empathetic about womanly things!

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