Things You Hear Around the Basi House, vol. 2

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“Honey, knives are not for two-year-olds.”

“I’m gonna get you!”
(You must understand, they want to be “gotten”! This seems to be the easiest way to get the kids up the stairs for bed. )

 “rrrrrRRRRRAAAAAAAARRRRRR!”, accompanied by Julianna’s screams and Nicholas’s warbling giggles.
(I have only myself to blame for this one. Alex learned quickly how much they like to be “gotten.” I just wish his whole volume control was set at about half the amplitude.)

“Wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa.”
Nicholas just keeps asking till I put the glass in his hand.

“I swear, they’re all possessed!”
(It’s the only explanation!)

“Are you whining? I know you’re not whining, because my baby doesn’t whine.”
(Yeah. Maybe if I say it often enough, it’ll make it true.)

“Do not use the claves on the mirror!”

“(Fill-in-the-bodily-function) goes in the toilet! Not in your diaper!”

“That is not a toy!”

And, on a related topic…


Ah…life with little ones. Can’t wait to see what things we hear when the teen years hit. 😉

What are the catch phrases in your houses? C’mon, dish!

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