Teaching Healthy Sexuality To Our Children, Part 2


Do you go through stages where you keep talking about the same topic again and again, wrestling with it until you finally resolve it? For me, lately, that topic has been how to teach sexuality to my children. There’s such a tightrope to walk between doing too little and too much. Talk about it too little (or too late), and kids will learn all their attitudes from peers, movies, TV and ads. That’s disastrous, considering the way modern culture has both trivialized sex and labeled it as indispensable to life and happiness. But hit it too hard, and kids are likely to develop an unhealthy attitude equating sexuality with sin.

My oldest is five years old. I’m very far from an expert. But this I do believe……

I’m posting today over at Catholic Mothers Online, and it’s definitely more “Catholic” than what I usually write. But Catholic or not, I think most parents worry a lot about this subject. Come on over and chime in!

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