7 Quick Takes


I received an email this week from a Down syndrome parent I know. It appears that some French researchers are experimenting with green tea on people with Down syndrome, and it helps improve brain function. A lot. Like, enough that the families whose kids were on placebo could tell they weren’t getting the treatment. Here’s another variant on the same theme, if you’re interested. (This parent goes through his experience at the bottom of the page.) Can you guess what’s going on my grocery list this week????


Don't they look thrilled?

Last week was “Tons of Trucks,” an event hosted by the city and Parents as Teachers. Aside from the horn-honking, which gave me a headache and freaked out both my little ones, the kids enjoyed it. I should say, eventually they enjoyed it. Up front everyone had a whiny attitude and wanted to run a different direction in the crowds–or they wanted to be held by Mommy. You can see the lack of thrill-dom in their faces. Thankfully, after work a second pair of hands (Daddy’s) arrived to help and things improved.


I haven’t mentioned here that Julianna is obsessed with horses. It’s all she “talks” about. “What did you do at school today?” we ask, and she signs HORSE! We say, “Why don’t we go play outside?” and she signs, HORSE! I think it’s a function of the carousel at the Mall. She adores the carousel. Thus, her favorite part of the Tons of Trucks was not the trucks at all, but the chance to say hello to the mules. These mules are connected with the school of agriculture, and they make appearances in every parade and local event. It took her some time to overcome her “love/hate” relationship with any living thing, and of course, I never actually managed to get the camera to take a picture while she was touching it (stupid delay–why don’t point & shoot cameras TAKE THE PICTURE WHEN YOU PRESS THE BUTTON????? Yes, I know they have to take time to focus, but even when I have it half-pressed, i.e. focused, and waiting for The Moment, it still delays by almost a full second–even on kids & pets setting!), but you get the idea, nonetheless:


After last weekend’s convention, I tore into my writing week with renewed zeal. Let me tell you, if every week was like this one I would definitely win a “most persistent writer” award! My count for the first four days of the week includes SEVEN submissions: two novel submissions, one short story (with many more on the list for today), an essay pitch (already accepted, go me!), and three Chicken Soup story submissions. Of course, I can’t keep this pace going, because eventually I’ll have to actually write something instead of just submitting things that were almost ready to go. 🙂 Nonetheless, I feel pretty excited this week.


Alex has started baseball again, and he’s really enjoying it this year. He takes it so seriously. It warms my heart to watch him play catch and hit balls with Christian. As Christian says, Alex takes after his mama: if he doesn’t get it RIGHT AWAY, he falls apart, wailing, “I’ll never get it!” Yes, I’m just going to have to share this video again, to make fun of myself and illustrate my point:


This Lent, we’ve been eating too much cream sauce. I had a yummy baked seafood cannelloni planned for today, but that would make three weeks in a row, and we all kind of balked. And since the seafood cannelloni cost a jaw-dropping $28 to buy at Viviano’s (won’t be buying THAT again!), I’m not wasting it on a day when we aren’t ready to fully enjoy it!


And finally…my musical link of the week: the Virtual Choir. If you haven’t heard about this, it’s a group of over 2000 people all over the world who video-recorded their parts separately and were compiled into a glorious virtual choral performance. The music is gorgeous; you should definitely listen. And just to prove that my critical Master of Music ears are indeed engaged, I will admit that the “s”‘s were jagged, but I mean, come on. How can you quibble about ensemble when no two people were in the same room when they recorded it? And the video’s gorgeous, too.

Have a great week!

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