I can’t be glad

I had another post mostly written, all about royalty and riches, but when I came downstairs this morning, the headline on the TV was gleaming, “THE KILLING OF BIN LADEN,” and I realized…it can wait till tomorrow.

“Apparently they announced it at 10:30 last night,” Christian said.

I wandered over to the TV and watched for a minute. Christian went outside and picked up a paper, old-fashioned in the totality with which the front page focused on an enormous image of his face, the headline sixty-point: BIN LADEN DEAD!

There are probably many people rejoicing this morning, but I can’t. Glad that he’s no longer able to lead…yes. Glad that the head of al Qaeda is no longer head of al Qaeda…yes. But glad he’s dead? No.

When they executed Saddam Hussein, I couldn’t be glad about that, either.

I can find nothing but sadness in this situation. I know we live in a broken world, but it’s heartbreaking to realize that it’s so broken that faith can be twisted until a person believes he (or she) is justified, called even, to kill others. It’s heartbreaking to realize that the world is so broken that execution is the only (truly or perceived) viable option for dealing with a person such as bin Laden.

Is execution justified? Can it be justified? I don’t know. Is war ever justified? How would the world have been worse if the Allies hadn’t banded together against Hitler? What does God really think about these things?

I don’t know. All I know is that I can’t be happy that someone is dead by someone else’s hand.

Not even Osama bin Laden.