American Idol In Training

We always knew she was musical, but on Labor Day, it took on a whole new meaning.

Witness what Julianna thinks her great-uncle’s cane is meant to be used for:

(Obviously, I should have dressed her for cuteness instead of for combine riding.)

Croon, baby girl, croon.

Now, don’t you wish we had a video camera to catch this moment? Guess what–we did!

In all seriousness, Julianna often doesn’t have a strong look of Down syndrome. And for this reason we sometimes hesitate to share the moments when her mental retardation manifests. (It still hurts to use that phrase.)  But is that a measure of respect for her, or of our own discomfort? The fact is, however it sounds, she is singing–the pitch goes up and down in approximately the right places, the rhythms stop and start with the melody, the inflections follow the music. And besides, since I’ve been talking about this phenomenon for weeks, I think it’s time to share, now that we’ve managed to capture it. I hope you enjoy!


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