7 Quick Takes

Love, hate, and the Wikipedia contributor cult...

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Oh, the woes of technology. I really wish I understood a little more about why my tools behave the way they do. For instance: why is it that if I connect Facebook to my blog, the blog disappears off Networked blogs? Why is it that suddenly one morning, my computer begins to open Internet Explorer as a small window instead of a full screen? Why is it that after weeks of no trouble, all word verification graphics on Blogger sites come up blank? It’s a machine. It’s not supposed to change its “mind.” What did we do to effect these random changes?


On a happier note, Nicholas has been wearing underwear all week! Christian is thrilled that we have passed the walking-around-with-no-bottoms stage. I actually toyed with the idea of putting away half the diapers, but decided there’s no place to store them till I pull out the baby sizes. So we’ll just leave things as they are for few more weeks.


Available Dec. 1, 2011

It’s almost time to be thinking about…Lent? Well, if you’re in the Catholic publishing industry it is, anyway. Here’s the cover art for my new book, Bring Lent to Life, coming soon from Liguori Publications. You can hopefully see from the brightness of the color that this is a book about finding joy in the penitential season. In Advent, we used the Jesse Tree to mark the passage of days along the spiritual journey. During Lent, we’ll use it as an “Easter Tree” that begins bare, but gradually sprouts leaves and flowers as we add to it in conjunction with family activities and reflections.


Christian is training for a half-marathon. He’s trying to get used to eating the power-packs that marathoners use to keep themselves moving as their electrolytes give out. This has opened up a whole new avenue for hilarity in our household (and our choir), involving the word “goo,” because that’s what he calls it. I have to shake my head and say, “Does it ever occur to you that the fact that you have to do this makes it so clear how unnatural this process is?” Christian tells me I’m crazy because the distance of a marathon is based on the distance between two (Greek?) cities, and they used to run the distance to carry messages. “How do you think people got from one place to the other?”

My answer: WALKING. With stops for rest and food!! 🙂


Seriously, though, I am proud of Christian for his dedication in training. Everybody give him some comment love here, ‘k? 🙂


I’m trying something new this week. I’ve been doing 7QT for so long that I have trouble imagining structuring my blog life any other way. But I’ve been participating in more “writerly” kinds of networks lately, and I think I’m neglecting an opportunity. After all, I’m always telling you people about how writing fiction, but I never give you any examples to chew on! So today I am also posting a short (~600-word) piece of fiction. I may mix things up a bit from here on out…I may double post, like today, or I may take a break from one or the other.


Enough talking. Have a great weekend! We’re hoping to finally celebrate our anniversary…(note to self: CALL BABYSITTER!)

5 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes

  1. Ciska

    Maybe you should tell your husband that the first man who ran the marathon (from Marathon to Athens, to tell they had won a battle) died right after he said “we won”. They didn’t actually ran that distance to carry messages. Even though I admire people who run marathons, I always feel like they’re a bit crazy. Just saying …

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