Sunday Snippets


It’s time for another round of Sunday Snippets, hosted by the lovely RAnn of This, That and the Other Thing.

My contributions this week:

I started the week by sharing some reflections on a blog post I had read several weeks ago, which got me thinking about what we think we’re teaching our children vs. what they actually hear.

By Tuesday morning, I was fresh out of meaningful blog ideas, so I just took off on a little stream-of-consciousness rant about life in general. Sorry. I needed my Journal that morning.

Tuesday afternoon, Julianna and I went to visit with the third-year medical students about the other side of life with Down syndrome. Julianna stole the show…which was exactly what I wanted.

On Thursday I shared a slice of life with special needs: namely, shoe shopping. You’ll never complain about going to the mall again.

And on Friday, I learned that if I want lots of hits, all I have to do is talk about the third trimester. 🙂

Hop on over to Ruth’s place for more!

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