A Trip Down Memory Lane: A 7QT Post

After yesterday’s motherhood moment (it was a good one!), I decided it would be fun to list some schmaltzy, cheesy ’80s music I love. If you’re more in the mood for fiction, head over here for a bit more about Carlo and Alison. If you’re brave, take a little stroll down memory lane! But be warned…1980s vidoes are WEIRD. I’m finding that I’d rather just hear the songs! 🙂



(Incidentally, this song has been redone in a screamingly funny “literal” version you really must watch.)



(Beware the hair!)



Cheating with this one, as it comes from 1991, but this, to me, is the classic “night” song. Every time I hear it I am transported back to a blue Ford Tempo Galaxy at 1 a.m. as I was leaving Taco Bell after a closing shift.


There you go! How’s that for a trip down memory lane, 30/40- somethings? 🙂 What are your old favorites?

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