Sunday Snippets

The weeks always seem to go by so quickly, except when I am feeling a) nauseous, b) waking in pain from round ligament pains, or c) not sleeping at all. Then I just think, I can’t take another ___ weeks of this. Please God, just get me through it.  And here we are, at the end of another week. Time for a gathering of Catholic bloggers at Ruth’s place.

People always seem to want me to glory in the present moment…whether o not it’s a pleasant one. This week, I reflected on that advice a bit. Both my parents got their turn in the spotlight: Dad on Monday when I realized how much like his life mine has become, and my mom on Tuesday, with a reflection on breadmaking. I also shared possibly the best Motherhood Moment ever: When A Family Dances, and another short fiction morsel about Carlo & Alison. You can find that here.

Head over to Ruth’s place to see what others are talking about this week!