What I Will Miss About Pregnancy

 I’ve reached that point in pregnancy now where I just want it to be over, where it’s all too easy to think only of how miserable it is. This is the point for which I wrote my advice on being pregnant with grace. So today I’m going to come up with ten things I love about being pregnant…things I will actually miss if, as I expect, this is indeed the last one.

1. Cute clothes that actually look good on me.

2. Ultrasounds. I had another one at 32 weeks—they found fluid in the kidneys at 24 weeks and wanted to check in again. I’ve never had a high-powered ultrasound so late, and even though it was only 2D, I was watching my baby’s face in motion, and I could almost see the contours well enough to know what s/he will look like. It was amazing.

3. Anticipation. Not finding out the gender. Coming, slowly or quickly, to an opinion about which it is, and finding out that I’m right. Or not. Either way, it’s a ton of fun.

4. Baby movements. At least, as long as Baby’s not trying to perform the C-section from inside. Or tickling me under the ribs. Or punching the bladder nerve. But I love being able to feel the contour of an entire limb. It’s so cool.

5. Having little boys press their lips against my belly and call “Good night, baby! It’s time to go to sleep now!”

6. The built-in-opportunity for sex ed with my child who is old enough to get it. If Julianna was at age level, I’d have two kids this would apply to, but as it is Alex is the only beneficiary. Still, it’s good for him to see the process in motion, and see it as holy. I want my kids to grow up with a sense of sexuality that is north of repression but south of promiscuity. And I think seeing the process in action is a great way to achieve that.

7. No underarm odor. I know, that’s gross. (And it’s weird. But it’s true. And I LOVE it.)

8. People being willing to do things for me that I’m perfectly capable of doing myself. Although frankly, that stage is past. Because now most of those things I really can’t do.

9. The motivation to eat carefully and keep my weight as much under control as possible. Because I think that’s good discipline for after.

10. The chance to participate in something truly miraculous, something that truly changes the world.

There you go. I assigned myself the number ten and wondered if I would be able to fill it, but I did. And it puts me in a better frame of mind to face this day, which is T minus five weeks (please God, no snow storms on the 14th or 15th of December!!!)