7QT–the NICU report week 2


1. We have now been in the NICU for over a week.

2. The lactation consultant tried to take pictures of us on the iPad,but somehow we ended up with video. Try this link:

3. My husband reached his limit on Wednesday. This was THEBIG WEEK of Advent for us…and trying to handle it by himself, even with the multitudes of help he’s had, eventually wears you down. “It’s one thing to do it for three or four days,” he said. “Doing it for a week is something different.”

4. Don’t bother telling us to let the Advent activities go. He pretty much has. The trouble is: Alex’s Christmas pageant. Studio recital. Birthday party. Choir. Alex’s school concert. Stuff we really can’t do anything about, and it would be unfair to take away from him just b/c he has a sick baby brother and a missing parent.

5. It’s amazing, the camaraderie that builds among the families in the NICU. We are getting to know each other’s kids–the one present and those not–we follow each other’s kids’ victories and setbacks.

6. Michael has graduated from the heater-crib and into the “big boy” tub-crib. Which means I’m all nervous whenever I’m in here, watching the sats number, because obviously they are trying to get us out of here now. He had an echocardiogram because they just don’t understand why he’s being so pokey.

7. And I will just say this: if this experience does NOT make Michael the most laid-back, easy-going baby ever to inhabit planet earth….nothing will!


15 thoughts on “7QT–the NICU report week 2

  1. Yay on making it to the regular crib! Hoping that he starts satting correctly and can get rid of the cannula.

    #5: I was amazed at how I got to know the other parents. I was at the fair a month or two after Daniel’s discharge and was having problems with the sling. I slipped into the National Guard tent and asked one of them to hold him while I fixed things. It turned out that the National Guard soldier was the father whom I had taught to bathe his son on the NICU! πŸ™‚ He gelled his hands and was holding Daniel and talking to him.

  2. Thanks for the update, Kathleen. Continuing to pray for your little one and for your family to all be strong.

    On a happy side note, we are really enjoying Joy to the World! Like you, it has been crazy here and dear hubby and friends and family have had to pitch in with Advent, as we have had a medical issue to contend with her too.
    Your lovely little book has been a real help, as it has made it possible to have some focus during this time!

    Prayers and hugs to you and yours!
    (Sunrise Learning Lab)

  3. Christian has my admiration. A few days is one thing, a week another for sure! And you all continue to have my prayers. Every update and pic I feel that Michael’s spirit is calm amidst all this chaos. Our prayers continue!

  4. I’ve had two of my five kids in the NICU at birth. One for four days, one for two weeks. The two weeker was over Christmas and New Years and so I feel for your family. It’s tough. We’ll be praying!

  5. Congratulations on going off the oxygen!! That is positive news and sounds like he is moving in the right direction. I’ve never experienced the NICU myself, but I know enough people who have to know that is an ordeal. I feel for you, especially during the busyness of the holiday season. Grace and peace to you.

    Best wishes and hope you can all get home soon.

  6. Oh I do wish I was taking care of your previous baby!! I’m working today. So glad he’s off oxygen and lactation is working eith you. Best of luck! Will keep you and your family in my prayers!

  7. Getting there…sorry for the crazies at home, hard to be away from it all, I’m sure. Remember to pray, silence and solitude have a place. Kiss the baby for me and know you’re being wrapped in love.

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