A Thousand Words (Images from a baptism weekend)

My cousin Chrissy, my very first and very longest friendship, spanning 32 out of 37 years, with her husband Ed and their godson Michael, on Dec. 30th when they arrived.

Don’t we have a picture of Julianna and Nicholas looking at each other just like this?

New Year’s Eve it was 60 degrees and we took a nature walk that turned into a rock climb. Yes, I climbed rocks. No, I shouldn’t have. Yes, I paid the price for my bad judgment in pain. But I got to climb rocks!

(Yes, Julianna really did carry that purse up onto the Pinnacles, Mom. Until she started tripping, and then Daddy carried it.)

Chrissy and Alex on top of the rocks. Christian, Ed and the three littlest ones had already said “enough,” and at this point I called a retreat for us, too.  I knew I had already overdone it and I couldn’t go to the big window, on that spire in the background. I promised Alex we’d hire a babysitter later this spring and have a picnic up there, just him and me.

Grandma and Grandpa B. came in that evening and got to hold Michael for the first time.

And then, the big day arrived.

Our first “formal” family picture:

Thanks to my b-i-l Rob, who took pictures, and to my sister Andrea, who took time to send them to me on a busy night when she was trying to get her grades ready!


Shared with 5 Minutes For Special Needs’ Special Exposure Wednesday…because my “special” girl exists in the midst of a family, and not off by herself…