Hitting Pause to say…thank you


Photo by honor the gift, via Flickr

I feel a need to pause today and say thank you. On two separate subjects, actually.

From the moment we first realized we might have to take Michael early, people have been extending themselves for us. At first, we kept a list so we could send thank you notes, like, y’know, people are supposed to do. Like we’ve always done before. But before long, the stream of generosity outstripped our ability to keep track of it. In prayers, in child care, in child transport, in meals, in house cleaning, in hospital visits and meals brought there, in gifts and cards and help planning the baptism party, and simply in avid interest in our family’s story (my blog hits have been crazy high lately)–in all these ways, you people have blessed us. We owe one heck of a debt of karma on the universe, and I’m so excited to start paying it forward…because I know I can never pay it back.

And speaking of the blog, that brings me to the second topic: comments.

There are bloggers who respond to every single comment people leave, often simply saying “thanks for visiting!”  I’ve never wanted to do that. As much verbiage as I spew, I like it to be meaningful. I’d rather have horizontal conversation with people. In other words, if I play arbiter to each and every response, it feels like I’m the great almighty Blogger before whom you all lay your burnt offerings of comments.

Not my style. I’ve got an ego, but I’m aiming myself at humility.

But if I don’t respond individually to a comment, that doesn’t mean it’s unimportant to me. I’ve always wished I had a way to personalize my comment box the way people on other platforms can. If I could, it would say something like this: Every comment you leave is like a piece of candy thrown to a child at a parade: a cause for delight and warm fuzzies in my chest. Affirmations lift me up; disagreements (respectfully phrased) promote understanding–and I love, love, LOVE to read your stories, when you share them. I can’t tell you how many times I wish I had a simple “like” button, because your words stand on their own and I would like to affirm them without drawing attention back to myself. Someday, when I graduate to a more sophisticated blogging platform than .com, I will make sure I have a way to do that.

In any case, as insufficient as this medium is, I would just like to say thank you to you all, from the bottom of my heart. Every day I understand better what Luke said in the infancy narrative: Mary kept all these things and treasured them in her heart. Sometimes that’s all you can do, because words are woefully insufficient.

8 thoughts on “Hitting Pause to say…thank you

  1. I tend to be a commenter, on my own blog, and on other blogs. Being a commenter doesn’t mean I expect a response. I comment to let you know something you’ve said resonates with me. And I don’t really expect an answer. I know you read your comments, and that’s enough for me.

    Well said Kathleen. Well said.

  2. dottie Sowash

    I want you to know that I read everything you write here. I am often moved by your words and you give me lots to think about. I don’t always comment, but it’s not because I’m not interested. Just wanted you to know (and hopefully give you a warm fuzzy.)

  3. Love that line: “Mary kept all these things and treasured them in her heart.” I think of it so often. Because, you are so right – sometimes the words just won’t do.

  4. evanscove

    I’d love to have a “like” button on blog comments as well. You always deliver excellent content on your blog, giving your readers plenty of food for thought from a Catholic perspective. Keep it up! 🙂


  5. “Every comment you leave is like a piece of candy thrown to a child at a parade: a cause for delight and warm fuzzies in my chest.”

    What a great way to put it! I agree.

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