Sunday Snippets


It’s Saturday afternoon, I have a pile of laundry five hundred items high, but my poor infected ear hurts so badly that all I can do is prop a sock of hot rice against it and sit at the computer…so here’s my contribution to RAnn’s weekly roundup of Catholic bloggers:

Loving Touch, my first Practices of Motherhood post

Ach! said the German

My first column for Liguorian Magazine

In Which Unsympathetic Mommy Learns Her Lesson…about ear infections, and how bad they really are

Five Minutes To Midnight, a fiction Friday offering

Hope you all are in less pain than I am, one hour before I’m allowed to take pain meds again! 😦

5 thoughts on “Sunday Snippets

  1. evanscove

    So sorry to hear about the ear infection. I join the others in wishing you a speedy recovery! (but what’s up with the sock of hot rice?)

    I enjoyed your short reflection on the Liguorian site. Talking too much, or wanting to spend too much time in planning, analyzing, discussing, etc., has probably been one of my biggest enemies over the years, keeping me locked in inaction. As the old Nike ads used to say, “Just do it!”


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