I am a mother of boys by nature, so it’s a good thing that my only girl is half-wildebeest. But even so, I know how to make my boys’ hearts sing, and I often feel perplexed by the puzzle of how to connect with Julianna.

But last night? Last night, we rocked.

We’ve been connected with the Children’s Miracle Network for a couple of years now–Julianna’s picture adorns one of those canisters at Wal Mart, and she had her face on a poster at a golf tournament last summer. And of course, we’ve been on the radiothon (and will be again in two weeks). Last night, CMN hosted a “Glamourazzi” event (sponsored by a local radio station–here are their pictures), where the little ones got to have hair styled, nails painted and faces made up. Knowing Julianna, I decided we’d better keep it simple–a hair styling was likely to be traumatic enough.

But I was wrong. She was made for this.

We walked into the room, and before I even had my coat off and the baby carrier on the floor, she was off and running, her charm meter turned up to 110%. She hopped up into a chair and waved at me as the stylist went to work.

(shouting and signing “Ba-ba!”, her word for “mommy”)

Banana curls!

This girl has a love affair with mirrors. She stole this from the stylist and carried around for half an hour until I managed to distract her with ice cream.

Another woman managed to corner her on the floor and put some lip gloss and blush on. The nails took a little more convincing. I had to have mine done, but then she was all about it. Of course, it took her five minutes of lining up the bottles before she decided on a color. 🙂

 Isn’t she just beautiful? Of course, her gorgeous curls were wild and scraggly by the time we made it to choir practice an hour later, but nonetheless…

And at this point I would like to draw attention to Mommy. I had my usual day–trying to stuff too much in, lessons, writing, cooking dinner, taking care of kids’ needs…the Glamourazzi was not on my mind until an hour before we had to leave, and by then there was no Mommy primping to be done. But, it transpired, they had plenty of people and time, so they invited the moms to join in. And Julianna was well-distracted by chocolate custard, which she was smearing all over her pretty face in the presence of one of the Q106 people, who thought it was the cutest thing ever. So I sat down in the hair stylist’s chair. “What do you want me to do?” she asked.

“I don’t care,” I said. “Just do something. Whatever.”

“Have you ever had your hair straightened?” she asked.

“Nope,” I said. “But I’ve been wondering what it would look like.”

Are you ready? I looked in the mirror and saw…

Deanna Troi

No, seriously…

I know, you think I’m nuts, but when I looked in the mirror I thought, “Who is that, Deanna Troi? Weird. Oh wait–that’s me!”

I made quite the sensation walking into choir practice, let me assure you. But by the time we got home, the front locks were already frizzing back into curls. You can’t keep a good curly-head down. 🙂