A Thousand Words


Sharing some moments via the “1000 words” model today…

For weeks, Nicholas asked repeatedly for a castle cake. Midway through I thought I'd ruined it, but like a phoneix from the ashes (and two batches of cream cheese frosting as glue)...well, anyway.

Proof that transcendent moments don’t disappear after babyhood, only shift forms:

I took the kids on the carousel on Nicholas’ actual birthday, since we’d already had our cake celebration and were back into Lent. I wanted him to still feel a sense of “my day.” My only quarrel with the carousel is the shortness of the ride.

No picture can capture how adorable this boy is in the bathtub. I love giving babies baths.

Oh yes, and add this one to the list of disturbing images you see as a parent


2 thoughts on “A Thousand Words

  1. Ciska

    My sisters and I each used to have a doll exactly like that when we were kids. I distinctly remember my younger sister pulling out each and every eyelash of her doll. Maybe these dolls just want to be tortured …

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