And Then, My Laundry Pile Moved…


It’s a crazy day as usual in the Basi household. My mother would shake her head if she saw me stepping through the laundry pile at the top of my stairs, on my way to drop the last diaper in the washing machine before I run it. Detergent, push, spin the dial, pull, wash hands, step through the laundry pile again as I head back to the baby, who needs to nurse before I teach NFP.

(Please excuse my mess.)

Wait a minute…What the…? The laundry pile just MOVED. What the heck kind of bugs are we growing in this house?…

Cackle, cackle, cackle.

And a head pops up:

Alex?” I can’t help laughing. “How long have you been in there?”

“A while,” he says. “I was playing Spiderman and the lizard.”

“Man! I wish I had the camera!”

“I’ll do it again,” he says obligingly. And he does.

Gotta love that boy.


6 thoughts on “And Then, My Laundry Pile Moved…

  1. kathleen462

    Imagine what would have happened if you stepped on n 😉 someone in the pile and he shreiked….how far would you have jumped?

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